🤓We live life quite like micro economics where our focus always remains on the individuality of things. Its neither wrong either but they kind of nest our thoughts. These nested thoughts tend to make the things complicated. Our views unknowingly narrow down to a point of selfish existence.

On the contrary, living with the aspect of macro may sometimes lead us to eloping the miniscule art of nature which needless to say, can have its own reverberating effects

How about tilting the scale from the very side you are living in excess to draw a balance and pass out in exam of economics with flying colours.


🤓 Bored, me too!

🤓 Why am i telling this.

😴 Balance of life is nothing new to preach

🤓 True.

😴 Hmmm, another philosophy.

🤓 Yep, just add mine with nothing new

😴 What’sthe need?

🤓 Oh i was trying to rhyme it with words but this is how it came.🤓🤓